Greetings Everyone and thank you for taking a look at the blog/forum!

Below I’ve explained why I would like to call it a forum and how I would like to differentiate this particular web log by opening it up so that everyone can be a part of it and have a say in the subject matter.  When I was younger, a long long time ago, everyone wanted to be alike and now it seems most people, even the enigmatic millennials like to be wrapped individually and work independently!  

So, I am calling upon all of you, who may follow this particular blog/forum, to dive in and offer your opinions and share your knowledge – it’s all good!

I will act as the facilitator and gather the material for topics.  Promise to keep it simple – NOT BORING – AND A BIT CONTROVERSIAL … Fun and Different, it just has to be.  I am bored with the discussion on skirt lengths unless I am offering a fashion citation to someone who has a bit of their bum hanging out due to the length of the skirt.  I think by now you all are understanding me and how I want to AMP up interest by sparking a little spark that almost causes fire.  I’ll give you a quick “ABOUT ME” and then you can read the first Forum that I’ve created!

My background and my education are primarily fitness!

I do have a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, from the University of Kansas and I also am an EMT, out of necessity as we travel a good part of the year with our dogs on a boat!  And we all know how easily accidents happen, let alone on a boat out in the middle of NO F’in WHERE…..  Yes my friends, I AM A JAYHAWK AND PROUD OF IT!   I grew up in Kansas – boring I know!  I am going to give you one little fact about myself to keep you awake here.  

I did ride professional rodeo when I was 11!

I was a barrel racer and a total tomboy, cowgirl, mud – slingin’, gun toting, tomboy in cowboy boots, spurs and chaps.  Just kidding about the gun toting, but in Kansas we all kinda of knew how to shoot guns because of the snakes etc. on the farms!  Just being HONEST……..

Back to the fitness, fashion crossover.  I pretty much did every job you could do in the fitness industry and have very much loved that part of my life, but I ADORE fashion and the two are fairly synonymous to me in part!  It truly comes down to a common denominator of feeling good and looking good, whether it is for yourself or someone else – it does not matter!  Some would argue you should feel and look great for you, yeah yeah and all that jazz.  We will just have to make that one of our TOPICS – OF –CONTROVERSY!!!!

I owned and operated two retail clothing and shoe stores over the past years and worked in fashion for approximately 15 years.  I hate dating myself. #ohwell!  I won’t bore you with all the drama details which evolved with my ownership of one particular store which will remain anonymous at this time, but those of you who know me, know what I am referring to !!!!  I feel a headache brewing!  Just kidding, I am trying to be funny and it’s hard to do when you can’t hear or see me!  Just know this about me, I don’t get rattled easily, to each his/her own, I do NOT judge people for their choices, but I do try to help my friends out of messes stemming from bad decisions…. Funny….!  Having said that, bear in mind that when I tease about clothing or various things it is just my opinion and it is in GOOD FUN  as I personally do not take myself too seriously, only when I have to!

I am a motivator and I am motivated

I have seen fitness and fashion change lives 99 percent of the time for the better.  Clothing and clothing choices are a powerful tool in the world and it is completely underestimated at times.  One of my favorite sayings I use often is this:

“Fashion is a way to change who you are from day to day without changing your identity.”

Just like the old adage “dress for successssss$$$$$$$$!  Needless to say, there are some really fascinating topics to discuss and debate and I am greatly looking forward to it!  I have done many newsletters, HA, dating myself again, and even a “blog”for the last store I owned, but never have I done it like a forum with participation from the readers…. This is going to be FANTASTIC!!!

So, in summary, I’ll say this… I need you all to participate in order to formulate a great and fun educational forum for people who want to see great clothing, see clothing put together for them, trends, humorous people and of course, my personal fave FASHION CITATIONS!  I love that show, better when Joan was there.  AND AND AND YOU CAN GIVE ME FASHION CITATIONS AS WELL!  Again, the focus will be FASHION, FITNESS, FASHION NEWS AND ANYTHING FUN!  Please bear with me as we may have to work on a few kinks in order to get it running smoothly!  I will write twice weekly for now, so as not to bite off more than I can chew.  I have some great things planned as well, some fantastic surprises I am sure you will find delightful!  If you have any questions, you will be able to reach me through the website and as well as my working email!